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Pawtucket, RI 02860

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401-229-2041 (fax) 

Construction Equipment Sales & Rentals 


Single Man Lifts

20' Single Man Lift

JLG 20 MVL (2007)

E, T, B

$3995.00 to buy or Rent for

$150/day $300/week $600/month

15' Single Man Lift

Genie GR-15 (2009)

M.E. Rock Bottom Bargain Deal

E, B, T

$3750.00 to buy

$150/day $300/week $600/month

20' Single Man Lift

JLG 20 MVL (2011)

E, T, M(3),*

*Unit's all have extendable decks. Prices below are without & with new batteries (B).

$5250 / $5750 to buy or Rent for

$150/day $300/week $600/month

30' Manual Single Man Lift

JLG 30AM (2007)

B, *

* Unit only weighs 800lbs, has outriggers

$2250.00 to buy or Rent for

$175/day $350/week $750/month

Equipment Symbol Guide

  • Refurbished (R) - Please click HERE to view the M.E.'s refurbishing process.
  • Exterior Restoration (E) - Unit has had work done to upgrade its exterior condition/appearance (i.e. paint, decals, buffing, etc.).
  • Batteries (B) - Unit has had new batteries installed within the last year.
  • Tires (T) - Unit has a set of new or "like-new" tires.
  • Multiple (M) - There are multiple exact copies available of this particular model & condition. The number in parenthesis is the number of similar machines available.
  • * - There is important information that needs to be read!

Please read the following: New batteries & tires can be always requested for the units which do not have them already. A new set of batteries are $500 and a new set of tires range from $500-$650. Milton Enterprise offers a SERVICE PLAN that may be the perfect add-on to go along with your machine purchase.  Do not hesitate to inquire within if you have ANY questions, THANKS!