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Refurbishing Procedure

  • 1) Platform Restoration: The slide-out deck is removed to completely clean the tracks to restore the deck extension slide-out. Any bent railings are straightened out. Hardware is replaced and added where necessary. New tread tape is added to the platform decking. The side aluminum is de-decaled, sanded and sprayed with aluminum paint. The rails are sprayed back to either: Sunbelt Green, Sunbelt White, JLG Orange or Genie Blue.

  • 2) Batteries are charged and tested for proper voltage. Also, tested for proper usage time. Terminals and connections are cleaned / replaced and re-protected. Batteries are replaced as needed. Battery Trays are taken out of machine and the battery tray stoppers are replaced as needed.

  • 3) Electrical system evaluated and cleaned. All harnesses are checked for cuts and continuity. All contacts, relays, and limit switches are checked and replaced if needed.

  • 4) All pins & pivot points are cleaned and re-sprayed with the appropriate lubricating solvent to fully restore its function. The pothole protection system pins are taken off completely and cleaned thoroughly. This allows the pothole bars to freely go up and down without being hindered. The slide pads at the ground and at the platform are re-oiled as well. This takes away any screeching heard while going up and down in the unit. 

  • 5) Tires are either restored (rims sanded and sprayed back to original colors), or replaced (if tire treads are less than approximately 60%). Wheel hubs and spindles are sprayed back to original gloss black condition.

  • 6) A New set of JLG Decals are provided for the aluminum siding on the platform, the battery trays and the front of the machine. New "Model" decals added to the aluminum platform sides as well.

  • 7) The lift cylinder and steering cylinder are evaluated for oil leaks and repacked as needed.

  • 8) The drive motors are evaluated for braking and inner seal condition. If any issues are seen they are addressed / fixed.

  • 9) The general appearance of the machine is always addressed with a thorough cleaning, sanding, scraping and quick spray painting as needed.

  • 10) Other issues are addressed as needed on a case by case basis.

Refurbish Procedures